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Wireless projecting but not Chromecast… any solution?

We are a school which use Chromebooks for over 3 years now. We tried using Chromecast in the beginning but we realized quickly that it is not suited for an enterprise/school network. A few Chromecast works flawlessly… but more than 5 and it starts to bug. Our partners at Ruckus wireless confirmed that Chromecast is not suited for an enterprise network with many Chromecasts (over 80+) due to the protocols it uses.

On top of that there is no admin managing tools, connection security (anyone can accidentally override the screen projection), etc…

Over the year we tested Chromecast we concluded it was unusable for our case. We switched back over to HDMI cable which worked greatly for about 2 years. However, we noticed that the usb-c connection teacher uses to connect the HDMI cable are starting to wear making it lose the connection over hdmi, etc…

Thus, we are back once more trying to find a wireless solution. Anyone has had the same problem and found a viable solution?

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