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Understand, Google silicon is coming toward Pixel 6 phones and likely more

It’s been basically 1 yr since the principal report made its strategy around the internet that Google was making use of Samsung to build out it is own, in-house silicon suitable for both Pixel phones but Chromebooks. We have talked at length information on why this is a good idea and how it can particularly benefit Google’s hardware in a variety of ways, but up until now it has persisted only as a relatively-reliable zumbido. But today, all that changes by way of report made by 9to5 Google stating that they have laid awareness on documentation that slates the release of the upcoming Pas phones (likely the Lieu 6 and 6XL) residential developments something other than the Qualcomm silicon they’ve shipped with in the past.

Preferably instead, these phones will arrive with ‘Whitechapel’ chips – the code name leaked out for the Google-made SoCs nearly a year ago ~ dubbed internally as the GS101. It stands to reason that GS stands for Google Silicon, while that isn’t provided of this leak – that’s easy to access . hunch. In this documentation, ‘Whitechapel’ was used in connection with a code unlockerfree code|code calculatordecoder} name ‘Slider’ that has been preceding found in the Google Video camera app. It is believed a ‘Slider’ is a shared tool for the ‘Whitechapel’ SoC and then appears in other projects based on Samsung’s Exynos SoCs where power Galaxy phones far away outside the USA. Additionally , the exact leaked document also cites this new ‘Whitechapel’ chip is something that is developed in Samsung’s System LSI (Large Scale Integration) division, giving us a hint that these processors will write about a lot in common with the hot lineup of Samsung’s really Exynos chips.


9to5 also reported faster that the html code|code calculatordecoder} names for the next Pixel cell phone handsets after the Pixel 5a are actually ‘Raven’ and ‘Oriole’ but according to this new report surrounding ‘Whitechapel’, these two devices surely be first phones built throughout the ‘Slider’ platform mentioned above. With all this studies, it is very clear that Bing or google is ready to launch Pixels along with their own, custom silicon inside of of of, and that is a very, very so what. You can listen to our podcasting to hear why we think where right here.

What about Chromebooks?

For now, there is no reference to Safari OS or Chromebooks found in conjunction with ‘Whitechapel’ or ‘Slider’. When the first leaks of Google silicon appeared, nonetheless the roadmap seemed open up: phones number one, Chromebooks later.


Google has made important progress toward developing a unique processor to power prolonged term versions of its Pixel smart dataphone as soon as next year — finally Chromebooks as well, Axios comes with learned.

origin: Axios

Following that Axios article came up in the spring of 2020, we’ve been on the lookout for a single thing remotely pointing to an ARM-based, Google-made Chromebook and we have access to come up empty. I’d bet Google will get the kinks out in the Pixel selections first and begin work on a new Chromebook variant of the ‘Whitechapel’ chip sometime after. For the investment starting a diet fiscal sense, they need to peddle phones and likely sell a few of them.

As we all know, leaks carry place profusely with Google’s electronic parts, so I’m inclined to consider we’ll know a whole lot more regarding these new Pixel phones plant life processors inside within the next small number of weeks. With Google’s temptation towards an October will release of its main hardware, there’s plenty of time for the hype run to get on the tracks and down the road, but I’d for sure rule out a Chromebook because of this chip inside for 2021. Maybe 2022, though. At the same time, we have heaps of upcoming devices on the way and many of them does feature higher-powered ARM-based silicon, so we’ll all have a better idea of what the next generation of ARM Chromebooks want as we await more info on a Google Silicon Chromebook.

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