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You Can Soon Mute Chrome Tabs with a Single Click

Google Chrome is making it easy to mute audio from tabs by placing the mute button on the tab strip.

Muting Chrome Tabs

Google Chrome allows you to mute audio from tabs. However, it takes two mouse clicks to do this. You will right-click the tab playing audio and then choose Mute site. To show that the tab is muted, Chrome displays a muted speaker icon on that tab. To unmute the site, you will right-click the tab again and then choose Unmute site.

What if Chrome displays the speaker icon when audio is playing and lets you mute and unmute audio by clicking that icon?

A new experimental Chrome flag in the Canary channel does exactly that.

Mute sites from tab strip
Mute sites from tab strip

I am a huge fan of the mute site feature. This new change makes it much more quick and easy to use the mute option.

How to Test

If you have the Canary version of Google Chrome installed you can test this right away. For other channels, you might have to wait a few more weeks.

Open the chrome://flags page and enable the following flag:

Tab audio muting UI control: When enabled, the audio indicators in the tab strip double as tab audio mute controls. – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Fuchsia

Restart Google Chrome and you are ready to test this new nifty feature. Open a new tab and play a song and you will see a speaker icon next to the tab name.

Give this a go and let me know your thoughts. Do you think it is useful or superuseful? I would love to know.

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