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You must join our Discord ip, and here’s why

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Hey there!

Often a couple of things subreddit community creates a Discord server, one of the questions I’ve seen thrown around a superb is “why? ” Surely by the end of this post, you will understand the reason why having a Discord server is great, and maybe give it a try yourself.

If you don’t already know precisely what Discord is, it’s a chitchat platform created a few years in the with the aim to bring significantly better chat client for individuals that isn’t extremely web page heavy. People create pots to build a community around a common interest, which is why subreddit networking sites began using it.

Discord are typically even better than Reddit many a time. It feels more personal and consequently simplistic, so it’s much easier to connect with the person on the other complete of the screen through Discord, because it’s instant messaging while not a post on a is extremely that users may take a bit longer to respond. In a nutshell, it’s a are located action Reddit.

So why as soon as you join many of our server?

We built our community to over 1, 100 members, and can be so the Discord home for Reddit’s r/ChromeOS , r/Crostini , r/PixelBook , and r/ChromebookGaming subs. We’ve curated this industry to be one you’ll find out helpful, constructive, and certainly excited about our favorite OS. Join us and you’ll likely find out more about the operating system you love such an abundance of!

Other reasons why you should join:

  • Tech help support is dead simple of server. We have a dedicated funnel, you can simply go in there these folks your question and more on a regular basis than not one person will have answered. Is your question urgent and even important? Just ping @Helpers and one of our volunteers beneficial out as soon as they tell it.
  • We have a bot just that posts updates as they are written, respectively on the Stable, Beta, and Developer channels with ChromeOS. We even have a system to enroll in to these updates, so you will be notified as soon as a whole update is released!
  • We all also have a bot that article content deals on ChromeOS relating hardware from About Chromebooks and Android Police , but we’ll likely add more more sites to this set very soon.

Hopefully I’ve convinced anyone enough to give our bit of community a shot. We hope to view you soon. The ask is in the sidebar, but haha is again if you could like.

Bring link

If you have just about any suggestions for improvements to the machine, we’re all ears. Check out the #server-suggestions channel.

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