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“your browser is managed by your organization”

I have a problem. 5 minutes ago, i added a policy in regedit to remove the bookmark bar in the New Tab page, but ever since, i get this "your browser is managed by your organization" thing in settings and the 3 dots/dropdown menu in chrome. I know it's because of that chrome policy because when i delete it, that message goes away. ive tried chrome://flags , but the feature doesn't exist for me. if there's no solution possible it isn't THAT big of a deal, its just extremely annoying and pisses me off when im trying to look through settings. If anyone knows how to remove it, or how to stop the bookmark bar from appearing on the new tab page (disabling the "Show Bookmark Bar" option from right-clicking on the bar itself doesnt work either), then please let me know

*NOTE: this is my personal PC, not a company owned computer.

Thank you

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