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A Chromebook will soon receive a native emoji picker for post input

Back in my day (yes, I get to say that now), we used to have to The search engines emoji and then copy as well as the paste them into a tweet (MSN instant messenger any of us? ) or save them our computer and publish them into a chat device as an image instead. Naturally, we’ve come a long way and emoji have become a cultural norm – no, a national standard, or requirement, quite possibly. They’ve become increasingly helpful at assisting in non-verbal communication, and have become distinctly diverse since their introduction.

Previously, you might right-click in a text marketplace and select ‘Emoji’ from the contextual menu in order to begin placing them, but you would be presented with a particular phone-style full keyboard that can stretch across the entire thickness of your screen! Yeah, Choose to follow the – Chromebooks never really concerning native experiences and instead commonly borrowed from Android boasts of – in this case, the Robot keyboard.

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Now, living in Chrome OS Canary, work with a enable the ‘System emoji picker’ flag via chrome: //flags/#system-emoji-picker in an entirely new and indigène experience! upon doing so and also restarting your device, romantic relationship right-click inside of any word field and choose the the same ‘Emoji’ option from the contextual menu. However , instead of being presented with the same phone-specific computer layout, you will instead watch a self-contained box that’s right for the operating system.

What’s more, is that this new box has its own dedicated search bar for locating emoji quickly. The old design forced you to scroll through every emoji and hunt down the one you wanted using only your eyes (I know, they used to be the most reliable thing!) There’s also a ‘Recently Used’ section for, well, emoji you’ve recently fired off.


It’s incredible to see Google applying a much more personal touch to the operating system. Over the past year, Chromebooks have taken on a life of their own and have gone the extra mile to become truly unique in their own right rather than simply remaining a Frankenstein of other systems cobbled together to get by. It’s unclear when we will see the new Emoji picker experience come to all Chromebooks via the Stable channel, but we’ll continue to keep an eye on it as it progresses toward a full release.

As the company brings the OS up to speed with modern standards with things like placing the date on the shelf (now that I have it, I can’t live without it!) and innovating in other areas, it’s clear that the future for Chromebook owners is more exciting than ever before. What features do you feel are missing from Chrome OS to this day that should have been implemented long ago? Let us know in the comments section!

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